River Runner® Development

AIMTEK can provide customised versions of the River Runner® design to suit both customer needs and operational requirements.

Conceptual Design to Final Product

  • Specification and contract documents.
  • Naval Architecture.
  • Structural design.
  • Mechanical & electrical design.
  • Class and Flag approval.
  • N.C. cutting tapes.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Component and part fabrication.
  • Technical shipyard advice.
  • Owner’s representative services.
River Runner CAD Design and Final Product

Image © Limecut

Improved Low Wash Characteristics and Propulsive Efficiencies

  • Tank and open water model testing.
  • Vessel sea trials completed.
  • Low resistance hull intakes and appendages.
  • Wake wash acceptance documentation.
River Runner on the water showing it's low wash capability

Ergonomic Design through Computer Modelling

  • Interior arrangement.
  • Fitout specification.
  • Material selection & sourcing.
  • Wheelhouse console layout.
River Runner ergonomic designs

Image © Limecut

Improved Boarding and Berthing

  • Safe and rapid boarding arrangements.
  • Gangway designs.
  • Fendering arrangements.
  • Bollard design.
River Runner Gangway

Future Designs

River Runner® 300

Length: 40.32m
Breadth: 10.10m
Passengers: 315
Speed: 24 knots
Features: Rough water operation, rapid embarkation.
River Runner 300 Concept Design

River Runner® 150 MkIV

Length: 32.80m
Breadth: 8.05m
Passengers: 148
Speed: 22 knots
Features: Modern styling for Middle Eastern operations
River Runner 150 Mk 4 Concept Design

River Runner® 100

Length: 29.02m
Breadth: 7.30m
Passengers: 117
Speed: 25 knots
Features: Low air draft, various configurations and layouts
River Runner 100 Concept Design

Interior Design of River Runners by Limecut Commercial Interior Design.